We are the ones with disruption in our narrative.

The element of disruption is a constant theme in our story. When we are talking about ourselves, it is how we came together as partners—the ones to challenge the status quo. When we are talking about our clients, it is where we focus. Clients rely on Ducera as they navigate various parts of the business lifecycle and during times of transition.

  • Legacy
  • Evolution
  • Ducere + Cera
  • Principles
  • Disruption
  • Partnering


After decades of working closely together, Ducera Partners is the culmination of all that we have achieved to date. Ducera is our legacy. As professionals, we are united by strong beliefs and aligned in our client-centric philosophy. We are forward-thinking, driven, and fearless. Above all, we pledge to be great partners to each other, clients, and fellow professionals.

30 Years of Legacy.

100% Partner–Owned

100% Conflict Free


Ducera Partners was founded in June 2015, yet our leadership team has been working together for nearly three decades. Led by Michael Kramer, an industry veteran and well-known pioneer in the restructuring and investment banking business, we are proud of our evolution, which includes a strong growth trajectory as our team and client relationships have grown.

  • 2015

    Ducera Partners founded

  • 2016

    Launch of Liability Management practice

  • 2017

    Launch of direct investment activities

  • 2017

    Launch of Capital Advisory practice

  • 2017

    Strategic investment in Hambrecht Partners Holdings

  • 2018

    Launch of Hambrecht Ducera Growth Venture Partners (HDGV)

  • 2019

    Strategic investment in Cary Street Partners

  • 2019

    Establishes Los Angeles office

  • 2020

    Total deal volume surpasses $550 billion

  • 2021

    Establishes Stamford office

  • 2022

    Total deal volume surpasses $750 billion

  • 2023

    Establishes San Francisco office

Ducere + Cera

Dūcere To Lead, To Guide

Cera The Fiery Ones

Our name is inspired by leadership and passion. “Dūcere,” derived from Latin, speaks to our guidance as we lead clients toward solutions. “Cera,” originated from Seraphim, translates to “The Fiery Ones,” which speaks to our passionate nature. We challenge the status quo while working in areas of disruption.


Our approach to advising

  • On Being Client-Centric

    We always put our clients’ interest first; our success is directly aligned with the success of our clients.

  • On Being Trusted

    The relationships that we have with our clients are integral to our work; advice and trust go hand in hand.

  • On Being Authentic

    As business owners ourselves, our clients know that we advise from a place of insight and action. Nothing is theoretical – we know because we have been there.

  • On Being Bold

    We bring strength and experience in the face of difficult and transformational events. When times are the toughest, we are fully prepared so our clients can move ahead with confidence.

  • On Being Agile

    We consider all variables, playing out multiple scenarios simultaneously, to design the best solution for our clients. We do not accept the status quo or the easier path.

  • On Simplification

    We do the heavy lifting so our clients do not have to worry; we simplify the complex.


We recognize the element of disruption as the founding principle of our work. Disruption happens early in the business cycle (for the disruptors experiencing growth) or later (for the disrupted experiencing distress). Both stages can have many complex variables and require the highest level of intellectual capital. This is when we come in—to advise through challenges and to achieve our clients’ goals.

  • Growth Cycle (Disruptors)

    Based on years of experience and with the aid of sophisticated data science, Ducera focuses on fostering innovative solutions to companies and clients to address future opportunities.

  • Mid Cycle

    As growth companies develop into mainstream competitors, Ducera remains a trusted partner for decision markers as they navigate this stage of the business life cycle.

    Following a successful restructuring, distressed companies are restored to this stage. Ducera has a track record of being a committed, long-term advisor to its clients on strategic issues following transformational events.

  • Late Cycle (Disruptees)

    As companies transition to the later stages of their business cycle, Ducera – having pioneered a number of the most innovative transactions – provides clients with leading-edge liability management and restructuring advice to help them return to firm footing.


We are business owners. Our advisory capabilities are strengthened by our various affiliations and ownership experiences. As investors in companies with high growth and disruptive potential, we gain unique insights that enhance the advice delivered to clients.