Thomas Thurston, Partner and Founder of Growth Science Ventures, has joined the Firm as a Senior Advisor

August 7, 2023

Thomas Thurston, Founder of Growth Science Ventures, is a Senior Advisor and Chief Technologist at Ducera Partners.

Mr. Thurston and Ducera have been using big data, data science, and AI to assist clients from a diverse array of industries seeking to embrace innovation in pursuit of bespoke growth strategies through strategic initiatives ranging from investments in early-stage companies to mergers and acquisition opportunities.

Mr. Thurston is one of the world’s leading data scientists.  Thomas and his team built Quannix, a proprietary computing system utilizing advanced machine learning to provide unique insights into early-stage, growth, and mature companies and private businesses that disclose little or no financial or commercial information.  For several years, Thomas and Ducera have advised clients in connection with the development and implementation of sophisticated venture capital, innovation, mergers and acquisitions and related growth strategies and initiatives. Mr. Thurston has also used data science to guide growth investments at Intel and previously led a joint research and development effort at the Harvard Business School with Professor Clayton Christensen to develop quantitative predictive models for early-stage innovation.

As part of our continued efforts, we are pleased to launch the first of a six-part mini-series focused on how Ducera is using data science and AI to advise clients in their development of corporate innovation and growth.

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